Who are we

This portal was created by navigation enthusiasts.

Climate change is resulting in an increased occurrence of extreme weather events. With shorter and shorter warnings and growing intensities, the sea is becoming an increasingly hostile environment. Therefore, sailors are questioning their future.
The purpose of this portal is to answer the question: What should I do when a certain phenomenon is announced?

The answer lies in understanding these phenomena, how they will impact navigation, and what actions to take to avoid or confront them in a controlled manner if there is no other solution.

We aim to contribute so that the sea, a unique space of freedom, discovery, and well-being, remains a privileged place where sailors can continue their explorations and adventures in complete serenity, enjoying the spectacle it offers, whether calm or stormy.

To create a safety bubble around each sailor, we have decided to prioritize:

  • Knowledge of risks, preparation of boats and crews to avoid surprises, dominate the situation, and make the right decisions at the right time.
  • Rapid transmission of safety nautical information in a concise, easily assimilable form to avoid information overload: “Too much information kills information!”
  • Cooperative mode, as the human eye is the best sensor; observing clouds allows anticipation of the most violent gusts with a 10-minute warning. Why not share this benefit with others? Where there is only one weather buoy, there are hundreds of observers nearby!


We want this portal to be dynamic and interactive.
It is not a navigation tool, routing tool, or nautical guide to the best anchorages. Excellent products exist for these purposes; we are a complementary safety resource.